SSD Hosting

Intel Solid State drive

Intel SSD

SSD Hosting or hosting on a solid state drive is the current state of the art for hosting and its important because most websites today are database driven and PHP and Specifically MySql which is used to drive these sites has limitations on how much data it can cache at anyone time so when a server which has thousands of database driven websites starts to have a large number of users visiting those sites the hard drives cant keep up with the demand and the wait state starts to increase dramatically.

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Ive been in the Computer repair, web development and web hosting field for over 15 years fixing, upgrading repairing computers building computers and designing and developing websites that work as well as running one of the fastest hosting servers anywhere. Our motto is is get it done right get it done fast and we keep things personal. with great attention to you and your company's needs. Im also a musician and play drums and guitar in addition to web work and hosting we provide low cost video production with full special effects and audio production for YouTube videos and Television commercials. I currently live in Florida with my wife Michelle and our 3 children
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