Self Manged Leased vs Reseller Hosting

hostingWe make no bones that we lease our servers thru Hi Velocity which makes us a self managed host not a reseller. We have full access to our machine(s) and can configure them any way we need directly from our hosting consoles. The big difference between a reseller and us is we are one rung up on the “hosting food chain” As self managed leased hosts we can resell our servers to others who wish to provide hosting of their own and dont want the cost of leasing a server directly and with out the headaches of knowing how a servers is supposed to run and or how to set one up or configure it. This is why a self managed or leased hoster like Kinetic Servers is always better than a reseller. We KNOW how to set up servers and configure them so they are hardened against attacks and people who want to commit acts of tom foolery. We take the steps necessary to provide a stable secure environment that resellers dont have access to to ensure for those clients who trust us to maintain our server.

A reseller if issues arise (as they invariably will) has to call up the chain to get action taken, as they are usually very limited as to the access they have. For us, when things happen that are beyond us knowledge-wise we have direct access to some of the smartest server geeks around; the Impressive techs at Hi Velocity who are very quick to respond and lend a hand when in those rare instances we are out of our depth.

When you are in the market for a hosting company and need a company that will keep your site up keep it running smooth and fast make sure you ask them if they own the server or if they are a self managed lease host or a reseller it will make the world of difference in the quality of services and support you receive

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Ive been in the Computer repair, web development and web hosting field for over 15 years fixing, upgrading repairing computers building computers and designing and developing websites that work as well as running one of the fastest hosting servers anywhere. Our motto is is get it done right get it done fast and we keep things personal. with great attention to you and your company's needs. Im also a musician and play drums and guitar in addition to web work and hosting we provide low cost video production with full special effects and audio production for YouTube videos and Television commercials. I currently live in Florida with my wife Michelle and our 3 children
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