Premium SSD Hosting Packages

Premium SSD Hosting PackagesWith system performance being one of the biggest concerns for webmasters, Kinetic Servers offers the solution with its Premium Hosting Solid State Drive (SSD) hosting packages designed for that exact purpose.

Enhancing Online Speed

In this advanced digital age, web hosting service providers are looking for the most efficient way to manage data and enhance online speed and performance. Similarly, owners and developers of personal websites want fast and reliable hosting service.

With Solid State Drive or SSD, online businesses and individual website owners are able to experience high-speed server performance through the use of high-performance databases and web applications.

Kinetic Servers enables web hosting businesses and enterprises in related fields to experience enhanced performance. The service specialist offers enterprise-ready shared SSD high speed webhosting on powerful servers and in a secure and reliable environment.

“Our SSD servers are the best in the industry, We implement some of the most cutting edge systems and configurations to ensure your server meets and exceeds your expectations. we were also one of the very first copanies to offer SSD Hosting”

The Premium SSD Hosting Services by Kinetic Servers keeps data safeguarded by enterprise-grade backups. ClamAV Antivirus installed, with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Premium SSD Hosting Package Features

Kinetic Servers’s Premium SSD shared hosting comes with a range of features, including unlimited bandwidth and personalized service. (Full Features List)

The personalized service comes from 1 to 1 interaction with our hosting clients and we dont accept just anyone tohost with us this is premium hosting we interview each prospective cclient to see if it is a good match before any money changes hands or accounts are set up this ensures we KNOW who is on our server and how they will affect the rest of our shared server clients this is very important if you are bigger than public source hosting but not ready to get your own server.

With cPanel that is easy to use, Kinetic Servers’s hosting packages, which are priced as low as $15per month. Customers can easily get their online business site started as it supports installation of popular tools like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Cube Cart, PHP Fox PHPBB, vBulletin and OpenCart..

Our Premium SSD Hosting Packages:

Kinetic Servers Alpha

For small to medium sized websites
5000MB of web and email space
Self managed hosting
Shared IP
5 free support tickets

Kinetic Servers Beta

For medium to large sized websites
10000MB of web and email space
Self managed hosting
Shared IP
5 free support tickets

Kinetic Servers Delta

For large sized and rich media websites
50000MB of web and email space
Managed hosting
Own IP
10 support tickets each year

Kinetic Servers Gamma

For small to medium e-commerce websites
20000MB of web and email space
managed hosting
own IP
SSL certificate
5 Support Tickets each year

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