Destroy all Robots!

Destroy all Humans I think he meant...

I think he meant Destroy all Humans…

Ok, not really but it did grab you didn’t it? What I’m actually trying to say is its time to destroy all robo callers…

What is a robo caller?

A robo caller is any call you receive that is initiated by a dialing program or software designed to get you to answer the phone and not be able to talk to a live person UNLESS you are interested in their product or services.

ROBO Calling is illegal

Because of the abusive behavior of telemarketing companies using robo calling practices it was made illegal yet companies regularly employ this method to call you, usually a scam.

I’m on the national DO NOT CALL list!

So am I but because these companies aren’t following any laws in the first place the national do not cal list wont help you. As a matter of course they regularly pull the list of numbers from the FCC to call you because they figure you haven’t been cold called in awhile and are ripe for the picking and the FCC, while it does have a reporting form to report illegal robo callers or telemarketers, trust me it doesn’t help. I’ve been thru their process and nothing came of it except I got more robo calls…

What can we do about it?

Well until recently not much, but now there is a service that will protect you and it is completely FREE! and its won awards from the Federal Trade Commission its called NOMOROBO. It works with your phone whether landline or VOIP but adding their number as a simul ring it detects the call on the first ring and if its a robo call it kills the call. more about NOMOROBO here. Ive set it up with my vonage line and within minutes of setting it up; the annoying robo telemarketers stopped cold. I went from 3 or 4 calls a day to none but all my legititamite calls went right on thru. Including automated school calls, Dr calls legitimate robo calls as well as actual persons calling my business. Did I mention its free? I’ve been using it now for 2 weeks and no spam to my email from them, no ads, no downside at all just no more robo calls!

Stop ROBO Calls in their tracks!

Stop ROBO Calls in their tracks!

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