Kinetic Servers Computer Services, Hosting and Web development

We do more than just provide reliable super fast SSD based hosting. We also provide complete computer services including computer upgrades, Custom PC builds including Hackintosh builds, remote support services, virus busting, malware, adware and crapware removal. In addition to providing top notch web development on platforms that are stable easy to use and proven.

Web development…

Whether it is a simple brochure type site for your organization, team, band or small business or even e-commerce websites which give you control over how you sell your goods and services over the internet. We can even build you a complete niche community site for your interest, whether its hunting, mussic, matchboxcars, sewing, cooking or other interest group. each community sitecan can include blogs, photo galleries, forums, video uploads, games and more! Think Facebook for (insert your interest here). These community based sites give you and your members the ability to post to facebook right from your community but offer far more tools and features.

SSD Hosting….

Not just hosting but super fast hosting! On a server that is connected to one of the major server providers in the country. Our servers are connected to a major backbone internet provider all geared to make sure the experience for you, your site visitors and email correspondence is as fast as it can be. Not only are we fast; we are reasonable. The cost of hosting with us is competitive with some of the big names in the hosting field yet we provide what they cant because we choose who hosts with us… We KNOW who is on our server and what they are about. This ensures that the people you share hosting space on our servers are legitimate customers and NOT people who are hosting illegal files or people whose only interest lies in hacking or crackng other hosting accounts.

Computer and Server Security…

We take security seriously around here and we take great lengths to make our servers as hard to hack as possible requiring our users to use strong passwords for their domains and their emails.

We are the Computer Guys you are looking for…

By now you have figured out we are not out to get everyone we can on board just to make a buck. sure we like making money but not at the expense of our customers livelihoods which they entrust to us in the form of their email and websites and their computers. In this day and age of the internet data retention, protection and access is paramount. we go the extra bit to provide a stable and hassle free environment for your web business activities and stable clean running hardware.

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