Print and Web Graphic Design

Pixel Pushing at its finestPushin pixels, playing with light, a computer full of crayons: graphic design for print use or for web use is a great responsibility and with great responsibility comes great power. A well drawn graphic can evoke emotional responses just as in a great painting. We are inundated every day by thousands of images via the web or television or our smart phones. Images intended to sway us one way or another in buying this product or using this company’s services.

A lot of what we see on the TV is aimed pretty low to really base instincts to trigger emotions within a 30 second window of opportunity. With print or web our window is somewhat larger as our audience has control over how long they stay and view.

We know color theory and have some grasp of psychology to help us design eyecatching graphics that load fast and make your site visitor feel comffortable and want to stay and read more. We know what works and what doesnt. We listen to your needs for your site. We implement with your best interests at heart; so that when a person finds your website they stick around and learn about you so they can make an informed decision about using your products or services.

Our Graphics make people sit a little straighter in their chairs take a little more notice than the previous 5 to 10 websites they just visited. Our graphics are more brightly colored because our computer crayons are sharpened professionaly on a daily basis. Our graphic designers are people who dont follow web trends but set them and stay on the forefront of whats hot by setting whats hot. You’ve got the photos, our team knows how to make them pop and reach out and grab your customers.

Whether you are looking for a new design for your website or need print graphics for a brochure or marketing products Kinetic Servers Premium Hosting has the people and the skills to make it happen!

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