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One of the things that we all love around here is 3D movies and 3d modeling and animation. The whole 3d movie with glasses was better in the 50s with the red and blue glasses. Toshiba says soon we will have 3d TVs and we wont need bulky glasses at all!

XP smoker T Shirt DesignThe 3rd Dimension: Taking your web or print graphics to the 3rd dimension via a 3d model or 3d modeling program like Discreete’s 3d Studio Max 2010 can be time consuming and expensive. Whether its a low polygon model for a game or a high polygon count for film or television work or you simply want a “3D” look to your web or print graphics we can produce 3d models textured or untextured at very reasonable rates.

Granite Precision Logo3D Animation: We will be the first to admit we aren’t Pixar or any of the other high end studios producing 3d models, but we do know our programs and our modelers can craft or sculpt pretty much anything from scratch and we also have resources to find and use models already produced from other modelers/animators. Our strong suit is modeling and simple animation
3d Caduceus3D and Flash: remember when flash first hit the scene everyone and we do mean everyone one wanted a flash presentation covering up their site. This turned out to be a bad idea as far as SEO goes because people didn’t want to watch your spiffy animation every time they visited your site. So, because we don’t like telling clients “no” we came up with the animated header where we put subtle to not so subtle animations in your sites header that gives your site that eye candy appeal that flash mixed with 3d animation can only give and figured out how to control it so it only plays one the ages we want and how to keep it small in file size.

33D Rickshaw for Club China White


3d Honda Goldwing Motorcycle

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