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Welcome to Kinetic Servers Premium Web Hosting!

We provide fast, reliable, "always on" web hosting for those companies who need a stable hosting environment so that email will be delivered and their website is always up. What makes us different from the rest of the hosting companies out there is this...

"We are people who care about your web and email data because we know it shouldnt be frustrating to try and do business on the web only to find your hosting company is having a "Bad Hair Day"."


We dont just let anyone host on our servers.

Our servers could handle hundreds of thousands of web sites and domains but that tends to slow down the visitor experience. Places like Blue Host, Host Gator, and Dream Host have their place and provide a great service, and use this business model and as a result alot of their issues with slowness or domain up time is a direct result of trying to host too many domains on one machine. So here at Kinetic Servers we keep a strict limit on the number of domains our top of the line state of the art hosting servers have to handle and to host with us you have to contact us and let us know your needs and after a short introduction and questionaire to see if we are a good fit for you and your company we would then begin the process of setting up your hosting account. No spammer accounts, no warez, no porn, no anything that could jeopardize our hosting clients ablility to do business over the internet

Customer Support

Ok so "Gold Label" and "premium web hosting" are really just buzz words intended to attract your attention. What really makes a good host is Customer support. and to that end we provide live support chat with real people who work for this company which isnt outsourced some where else. We also provide an ever expanding Knowledge base of tips and tricks and useful information about our servers, how to set up email accounts, information about our cPanel hosting environment, windows tips, mac tips and more. If you have questions, this is the place to begin your search for answers. In the event you cant get an answer from the Knowledge base you can always contact us via phone or by contact form or by live support chat and we will gladly answer your questions.

Need More JiggawattsMultiple servers in separate physical locations

Are located around the US and can provide a fast, stable always on experience for you and your site visitors. Our mascot if you will, is Doc Brown from the Back to the Future movies and his motto of "Need more Jiggawatts" Which we interpet as "more power even if we dont need it" kind of thinking. Our servers have 8 cpu cores, 8 gigabytes of ram and use iScsi drives for more throughput to give our hosting client the very fastest of browsing and email delivery possible.

We are Connected

All our servers are on fast 100Mb ports which connect directly to major internet backbones.Our servers have the latest in security and hardening to keep our data and your data safe. We also load our servers with FFMpeg so that your site can host and convert videos on the fly like youtube. If you have a script that can do this we can host it! Apps like phpFox, viddiscript and others.


Selling online is a big deal and to do it right you need a host who is set up to handle e-commerce. from SSL certificates which we get from a trusted 3rd party and are 256bit encrypted to being properly set up to run the best e-commerce packages out there like CubeCart. Kinetic Servers Premium web Hosting is here to serve you and your clients

Kinetic Servers Alpha

For small to medium sized websites
5000MB of web and email space
Self managed hosting
Shared IP
1 free support ticket

Kinetic Servers Beta

For medium to large sized websites
10000MB of web and email space
Self managed hosting
Shared IP
1 free support ticket

Kinetic Servers Gamma

For large sized and rich media websites
50000MB of web and email space
Managed hosting
Own IP
5 support tickets each year

Kinetic Servers Delta

For small to medium e-commerce websites
20000MB of web and email space
managed hosting
own IP
SSL certificate
5 Support Tickets each year

Kinetic Servers Epsilon

For large e-commerce websites
50000MB of web and email space
Managed hosting
Own IP
SSL certificate
5 Support Tickets a Year

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