Brand New Server!!!

Hi Velocity Rack Fringe ServerWe just picked up a brand new server thru our partners at Hi Velocity (Some of the coolest geeks around) This new machine will serve us and our hosting customers well for the next 3 to 5 years.

Server Specs

  • 72GB DDr3 Ram
  • 2 Quad core processors running at 2.26Ghz
  • 480GB SSD as the main drive so all files and databases are being serverd up FAST


This is a monster of a machine and just part of our ongoing effort to make sure our hosted clients and their site visitors have an extremely fast and satisfying experience. Database or static sites load faster because the wait states for the sql queries to return are in the .06 millisecond range. larger hosting companies are just figuring out what we learned 2 years ago SSD hosting is the ONLY way to host your clients and give them the speed they need when they have a database driven site like 90% or higher of the sites out there. We have been first in all categories for SSD hosting since it was made available first just hosting the Databases on a 60GB addon drve now a full SSD suite with Databases and site files all being delivered up from a Solid State Drive.

About Steve Roberts

Ive been in the Computer repair, web development and web hosting field for over 15 years fixing, upgrading repairing computers building computers and designing and developing websites that work as well as running one of the fastest hosting servers anywhere. Our motto is is get it done right get it done fast and we keep things personal. with great attention to you and your company's needs. Im also a musician and play drums and guitar in addition to web work and hosting we provide low cost video production with full special effects and audio production for YouTube videos and Television commercials. I currently live in Florida with my wife Michelle and our 3 children
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