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Client TestimonialsAs a customer service oriented based company we here at Kinetic Servers place a high value on what our customers are saying and we find it is our number one priority to actively listen and seek out critiques from our customers on how we can improve our service as well listen to their questions and concerns. As a result our customers in turn have seen fit to say nice things about us. Its not always positive but its honest, the way a true testimony should be.

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Thank You Steve!

Apr 02, 2017 by Karen Faulknet

I have worked with Steve since 2000. He has built many website for my clients from start to finish. He takes their ideas, and turns them into reality. My customers were always so happy with the job that Steve did for them. Once Steve builds the website for you, his work is not done! If you ever need anything at all, he is always just a phone call away. I can't tell you how many nights he answers my call, or even logged into my pc to help me out with an issue.
Steve also built 2 websites for me, that were simply amazing. I would highly recommend him to anyone at all. I promise you, the customer service you will receive from him is top notch, and impeccable. Thank you so much Steve for always going above & beyond.

Amazing Website Work

Dec 28, 2016 by Wayne Ridenhour

Kinetic Servers has done a fantastic and thorough job creating an improved website for my business. They are amazing with regard to every detail of what a website should be and how it should function. BRAVO to Kinetic Servers & Steve Roberts!

Web Site & Email

Jan 29, 2015 by Patrick Quinn

Steve did a fantastic job of updating my web site and assisting with our name change, new URL and email. His response time was great which is super-important in a business environment

Who knew Kinetic Servers made amazing book covers

Feb 07, 2013 by Carlota McDougall

I am a professional writer and when it comes to my book cover it has to be good. Average person takes only 16 seconds to study a book cover before deciding to purchase. Thanks to Steve's most amazing graphics and rockin 3D imaging I know without a doubt my cover for my book dalV will be a success. Steve has not only the superior skills for graphics but an artistic eye as well. Please feel free to contact me directly for a personal reference. Thanks again Steve!

The best hosting service available

Feb 10, 2011 by Jay

Kinetic Servers is the most reliable, efficient, and customer friendly hosting available. As an online business owner, I must have a consistent and dependable hosting service. Kinetic Servers delivers the best bang for your buck. I've been a loyal customer for the past five years and on the rarest of occasions, when a problem might occur, it is attended to and corrected in an instant.

If you demand a no hassle, superfast, and extremely approachable hosting service for your business, Kinetic Servers is your only destination.

Very Helpful Service!

Feb 10, 2011 by Joanna Lemus

We needed a great web site design. We were very particular about usage of color and emotional appeal as we sell girls princess canopy bed products. We hired Kinetic Servers and they were the right company for the job. They created an '"OVER THE TOP" website for Princess Canopy Beds! It sparkles and blings! Great customer service. Kinetic Servers is always there to help, late or early! Thanks Kinetic Servers. I have enjoyed the years that we have worked together. You are right company for the job and I will refer you to others!

Thank you from Joanna, Samuel and all the many customers who love to go to my site for visual enjoyment!

Princess Canopy Beds Morgan Hill, CA

Kinetic Servers Rocks!

Feb 08, 2011 by Steve

We had had our website hosted on several different hosts over the years but it seemed it always boiled down to one thing.... speed... sooner or later we would have issues with speed.. customers would call us asking if our websiite was working ok and we would find out that the host was slowing down because they were way oversold. Sometimes our customers were being asked to download php files... a sure sign their mysql database server was being over taxed.

Since we have moved to Kinetic Servers we have experienced a speed increase like never before. File and pages download faster, more users are connecting to our site at the same time, and our business is up.

Kinetic Servers costs a bit more but they are well worth the ROI
Thank you kinetic servers thank you!

The best service and quality I've had to date

Feb 07, 2011 by Bobby

Kinetic servers are hands-down the fastest and most reliable servers I've ever used. The service you receive is top-notch and quick. You feel like you are working with someone who actually CARES that you have a question or problem, and works quickly to resolve it.

Kinetic Servers are the way to go if you have a small-medium sized business with room to grow.

Kinetic Servers - SSD Hosting - Web Development - Graphic Design - Video Editing , USA 5.0 5.0 8 8 I have worked with Steve since 2000. He has built many website for my clients from start to finish. He takes their ideas, and turns them into reality. My customers were always so h