Hello Scott Roberts Sales Manager

Scott Roberts KInetic Servers Sales ManagerWe are pleased to announce the very welcome addition to the kineticservers.com team my brother Scott Roberts!
Scott will be managing sales and social media for kineticservers.com so I can concentrate on the hosting and web development.

Scott lives in Greenwood Indiana and will be first targeting businesses in around the Indianapolis and Greenwood areas but wont be limited to just those areas as we are a global company with customers all around the world.

A Little about Scott

Scott is 47 and has 4 children 2 grandchildren and is married to Angie his lovely wife. He grew up in Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana and is probably one of the coolest people with whom I’ve had the pleasure to deal with. (It wasnt always that way but we grow older and we learn to respect our siblings). Scott is not a heavy handed salesman, but rather, speaks to potential customers as if they were a long lost relative or friend, bringing a personal touch to the business.


You can get a hold of Scott on:

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About Steve Roberts

Ive been in the Computer repair, web development and web hosting field for over 15 years fixing, upgrading repairing computers building computers and designing and developing websites that work as well as running one of the fastest hosting servers anywhere. Our motto is is get it done right get it done fast and we keep things personal. with great attention to you and your company's needs. Im also a musician and play drums and guitar in addition to web work and hosting we provide low cost video production with full special effects and audio production for YouTube videos and Television commercials. I currently live in Florida with my wife Michelle and our 3 children
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